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X2 Xtra Quarterly Newsletter - Q2 2020

12:45am 22nd July 2020





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Dear X2 Colleagues,

Xtra Xtra Xtra! 

Welcome back to our 2nd Qtr 2020 edition newsletter …designed for you our members to showcase your business, services and highlight to fellow network members your great shipments and project movements from all over the world.

As we have mentioned to our members many times, our aim is to ensure that all members work together and we assist and support you when you do so. But all of this would never happen if the members do not have the same goals and attitude. 2020 is proving to be a difficult time but is a time for all of us to come together as the strongest group and drive it together as one.

The team works hard striving to ensure you are served well in a professional manner, responding promptly to your requests for information and providing a network for daily communication between members which has contributed towards creating an ever-increasing community within the network.

Something which has further strengthened the bonds between us all is the battle we are all fighting against the Covid-19 virus which initially knocked everybody sideways. 

Many businesses are seeing something of a downturn in volume, but we are determined to work hard to make up for these losses by bringing in new members and growing the interaction between members creating new business opportunities globally.   

Our industry never ceases to be challenging, sometimes tough, but always interesting, bringing companies together and growing business relationships.

To assist you all better with our internal resources we are restructuring the team and their functions to better support you with a dedicated network manager that we hope will enhance your experience and with better focus on your specific network needs. 

As I have said before, the Newsletter is provided as a value added extra to your membership and its main purpose is to keep membership up to date with what is happening in the network, the world outside and we want you to play a big part in its production.

As I have already asked you, we would appreciate receiving contributions written by you, the members, and we would like to hear from you submitting articles of interest.

Please send all editorial to Patarason Jommawum

Please do keep the exchanges of information and friendly messages going on WhatsApp Chat. They make for great reading and we enjoy the banter and fun seen between all members of the group.

I would like to finish off by reiterating my belief in X2 and its members by reminding you all once again that “X2 isn’t just any network… it’s not just a platform… it is a community …it is a culture.” One that we have developed together globally. One that cannot be replicated. 

I would like to close by hoping that you, your colleagues, families and loved ones remain safe.

And just one more thing! Don’t ever lose your sense of humour! We all need to maintain it in order to keep our sanity!

Take care everyone and